Trying to understand font size in output

I’m evaluating Scrivener and I’m trying to understand fonts in the output. My test project I can output as Print (novel format). But I would like my text to be in (say) 11pt. But I’m unable to get Scrivener to do that. It makes it 15pt if I say ‘override text and notes formatting’ in formatting or 21pt if I don’t. If I set the section layout to 11pt, I still get the output as 15pt. Contents are not set to output As-Is.

How do I make the text output 11pt?

I found something. When I want 12pt output, I need to select 9pt as size in Scrivener. When I want 10pt endnote output, I need to select 7pt for footnotes.

What font are you using? Not all fonts are available in all sizes.



All sizes are available, it’s just that if I select 12pt in Scrivener I get 15pt in print.

Hmm. I’m not seeing this behavior. How are you measuring the font size in your final output?