Trying to understand sync directions!


I have Mac OS and IoS scrivener versions.

Last week, I did a massive consolidation of different projects I’d started in Scrivener, leaving me with fewer, neater projects. I did this cleanup on my mac.

This cleaned up version of my writing self – fewer files, differently named, did not automatically sync with IoS. When I went to IoS today, I saw the older collection of projects.

To remedy this, I made sure everything was closed and synced from the IoS version. Instead of making everything look like my cleaned up mac box, it has begun to restore all of the old projects and populate dropbox with them!

My plan is to wait until the sync is complete and simply remove the projects that are added today from the Mac dropbox, but I am pretty confused about which direction this is all happening in, and slightly horrified. What should I have done to ensure that projects I removed were actually removed from both Mac and IoS?

Thank you!

Odd… when I delete a project in dropbox, Scrivener for iOS seems to know that and removes its copy when I sync.

When you say that you consolidated your project, you didn’t happen to just move the older ones to a sub-folder of the one that’s syncing with Scrivener for iOS, did you? For example, if your sync folder is Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener, and you moved the older projects to Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener/oldprojects/, that might explain what’s happening. Scrivener will sync everything in all sub-folders, even files that aren’t part of a Scrivener project (they won’t show up in the projects list, but they’ll be taking up space in iOScriv’s data storage on your iDevice). Projects in sub-folders will sync, appearing in the same list as other projects in the main sync folder.

You should have made sure that everything new had been fully updated on the Dropbox server.

There are three “hard drives” involved in this:

  1. your Mac
  2. the DB server
  3. your iOS device

When you do changes on the Mac, you need to have the DB app running in the background and you need to make sure that all changes have been uploaded to the DB server, getting the green tick box. BUT, before you do this, make sure that all changes done on your iOS device have been synced/uploaded to the DB server (by tapping the sync icon in the Project view in Scrivener)
When everything is done on the Mac end of things, you open your iOS device and tap the sync icon before doing anything else, to tell it to download any changes.