Trying to use Mac & Windowws


I have my project in my newly licensed version of Scrivener for Windows, and I just bought the Mac version (for another $45). However, the Mac version wants to upgrade my project, which would stop me from working with it on Windows. Is there a solution so that I can go back and forth between Windows and Mac?


jesse liberty

There’s options for working cross-platform. A couple of good sources are––at the bottom of the page, heading = Working Between Platforms here: … crivener-3

And a more extensive knowledge base article here: … patibility

If you already had a Windows license before buying the Mac version, as far as I know you were eligible for a $15 discount: … remail.htm

I’m not sure how or if it can be applied post purchase, but to check you could contact support through the web form or email:

Good luck…