Trying to use the same file with scrivener and mac

Hello everyone. I have a qu estion about using the same file on both a Mac and Windows.

I should explain I am using my work computer (PC) for the majority of my writing. It has a large screen and is just easier. I am able to back it up to a zip file and open it on my Mac if I’m working outside the office.

However, when I tried to open it back on my work computer after making edits it turns into a scrivx file and files are named but the content is empty.

I thought this might be because my company computer policy has it rigged that content on the computer cannot be taken off without thumb drive.

But when I tried to open the file on my new Windows portable computer I had the same problem so maybe it is not related.

I would really like to use the same file with both computers so any advice is welcome.

It sounds as if you don’t have the latest version of Scrivener on both Mac and PC

I’m wondering if you are bringing the entire project over to the other machine, or just the .scrivx index file.

from … patibility

“One important thing to note is that on the Mac a Scrivener project will appear to be a file with a “.scriv” extension, while on Windows, it will appear to be a folder with a “.scriv” extension. It is actually a folder on both systems, but the Mac’s operating system hides the internal contents of the folder to keep them safe. When viewed on Windows, this “file” is shown for what it really is: a folder. If you navigate into this project folder you will find the binder file, which is a file with a yellow Scrivener icon and a “.scrivx” extension. This file is an index to the other parts of the project, and it is the file that is used to open the project on Windows.”

Hope that is of some assistance.