Here’s a snippet from the first short story I’ve completed since high school.

The Sunset Queen raises her hand, discusses with her advisers. They all shine, as mirages on hot asphalt. I wait as patiently as I know. Will the prospect of me losing distract her enough?
Finally, she looks at me. “And if you do not win?”
Normally she might not accept such an offer from an ignorant mortal. I have, however, provoked her and reminded her of my claim of competency. She smiles. “For life.” It is not a question. I am not expected to answer.
“It is granted. Win, mortal.”
I am escorted away from her presence and finally, terribly, breath a sigh of relief.
She did not ask the important questions.

Hey, congrats on the short story. Thanks for sharing. Is this the opening of the story or are we in the midst? I suspect the Sunset Queen is secretly betting on servitude.


At the end of the first scene.

I’d post more, but I’m waiting for a market to open up its submission window so I can submit. :slight_smile: