Turkey day

Happy Thanksgiving, if you partake. If you don’t, have a nice bank holiday! (It’s a bank holiday this weekend, isn’t it? If not, happy Thursday.)

We’re doing the gathering, so I"m doing most of the cooking today. (Stuffing, pies, cranberries, and gravy base.) Tomorrow it’s bird, finish off the gravy, reheat the vegetable matter my brother-in-law is bringing, and watch the Pats. Seeing as though I’m eating with two people who don’t give a rat’s ass about sports, that could be contentious.

A happy Thanksgiving Day to you, too. Indeed, to all of our cousins over in the colony.

The Jets are gonna walk it! :wink:

What? Jets? Them’s fightin’ words! :wink:

(All kidding aside, I don’t give two hoots about football. Now, hockey…hockey is serious business.) [/size]

Shot from the Patriots’ last game

I think what you all meant to post was “How 'bout them Cowboys!”

How many teams are playing in the Super Bowl this year?

Made 2 pies (apple and pumpkin custard), cranberry sauce (extra tart), stuffing, gravy base (roasted chicken wing stock, roux). Only need to stuff the turkey and put it in tomorrow and reheat whatever vegetable matter my brother-in-law brings. I’m trying to resist my latent midwestern urge to cook more food, because you never know who might stop by.

Just one.

Young Master Sin,
Don’t you mean?


My youngest daughter and her partner are doing Thanksgiving dinner over here tonight, for his mum, sister and auntie. He’s also had a bet on the outcome of the Jets&Patriots shing-ding. He invariably backs the winner. I won’t tell you who he’s bet on :smiling_imp:

Enjoy the day, Princess. :wink:

My favorite Bird-Day story:
Many years ago:
Italian lady scholar shows up at my last lecture prior to Thanksgiving.
My parents are in the back row.
After lecture, I gently wake them and introduce to visitor.
Mom says, “What are your Bird-Day plans?”
Visitor has none, whereupon Mom invites her to our dinner, at my home.
Visitor arrives at duly appointed hour.
At the meal, we all help to explain to her the traditional fare:
Cranberries, pumpkin, taters sweet and not, dressing, gravy, etc.
At last, the glorious roasted bird appears.
“Oh my goodness,” our visitor exclaims.
“Is that an EAGLE?”

That’s awesome. :slight_smile: Wasn’t the turkey supposed to be the national bird?

And, Wock, I guess i’ll have to put up with the snark from my fiance and his brother and put the game on anyway.

Kind of freaking out, though. I only made two pies, and there’s always the dessert paradox: however much dessert you make, it’s never enough.

Looks like it’s going to be bird, gravy, stuffing, colcannon (supplied by brother-in-law), cranberries, pie. (Gotta have something green with all that starch.) Brother-in-law makes his own liqueurs, so I’m hoping he’ll take the hint and bring something to imbibe while the turkey’s finishing. :wink:

Dear Fluff,

Dem’s fightin’ words.






You could always cook it this way

guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/ … fry-turkey

Just ignore the wimps.

I’ve heard deep fried turkey is tasty, but it’s generally considered bad manners to burn down places you don’t own. :wink:

Yeah…it is over here, too. :confused:

Hope you’re enjoying the day, anyway. :smiley:

I saw on an insurance commercial that something like 15 homes burned down last year because of people attempting to deep fry their turkeys. While that’s a pretty small percentage… it’s still a percentage. :smiley:

It was good. Food was consumed. Tomorrow: boil turkey carcass into stock. :slight_smile:

The Jets were robbed…eh?