Turn off all statistics in editor?

Maybe I’m missing how to do this, or maybe it’s not possible…
In Scrivener for iOS, when I’m editing, I find it very distracting to have an active word, character, or word/character count at the top of my screen. I found the setting to change between the three available statistics, but there was no option for “none” as I had hoped. For me, having this information on-screen while I’m writing is stressful and actually seems to reduce my overall word count for a writing session.

Is there a way to completely remove the statistics from the editor view?

Thanks everyone!

(I should note that my current “solution” is the same I use for apps with ad banners in them - I have a pice of dark washi (masking) tape I keep on the back of my iPad. I move it to the front to selectively cover a strip of the screen when I need to. But I’m the first to admit that this is not an elegant solution. )

Seconded. I thought I’d reply and boost rather than post the same question anew.

Is there a way to blank out the statistics entirely? Showing characters is less distracting than words, but is still distracting.