Turn Off As-Is. How?

I’m terribly mystified by the operation of the new compiler. I’ve created Section Layouts L1 and L2 but I can’t do anything with them in the Sections Layout pane of the Compiler. Each appears grayed-out beneath the remark “As-Is.” Where do I turn off “As-Is”? k

Assign Section Layouts to Section Types?

After clicking “Assign Section Layouts,” only “As-Is” appears as an option in the right side pane.

Look under Project->Project Settings / Section Types to see what section type names have been created. Click the “+” in the lower left corner to create new ones.

If you’re used to Scrivener 1, and especially if you started your project in Scrivener 1, I’d recommend giving this guide a read-over. It goes through some helpful things about the new compiler and making it work with your older projects.

Okay. I’ve figured out the problem (I think.) I had to read the manual, hunt around, read some more, dig around, back to the manual . . . . Eventually I found an area which, when modified, caused the missing types to show up in compile. Thanks all. The only problem I’m having now is that I’ve added a prefix, but the system is adding a return after it. I want it on the same line as the first line of the paragraph it’s supposed to precede. k