Turn off auto-cap for a single word?

Is there a way to turn off auto-capitalization for a single word without turning off auto-caps all-together? If I turn off auto-caps in my mac’s keyboard preferences will Scrivener still auto-cap?

Id.” is a common citation in legal briefs. It means, roughtly, “same case as the last citation.” (case or other document). It is commonly followed by a page citation. So, “Id. at 783.” would mean, “same case as the last citation, but look at page 783.”

The problem is that after I type, “Id.”, with the period, auto-caps thinks I’ve finished a sentence and pitches in by capitalizing what it believes to be the start of a new sentence, “At.” I end up with “Id. At 783.” I end up having to move the cursor back and delete the “A” and retype it every time. This can be quite laborious at times.

Suggestions? Work-arounds? Is there any alternative to just turning off auto-caps all together?

If it were me, I’d define a replacement in the Apple -> System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Text pane.


I am guessing the suggestion is to have ‘Id’ auto-corrected to ‘Id.’ So you could type ‘Id’ followed by a space and auto-correct would add the period for you. In this way your own typing will not trigger the auto-cap functionality.