Turn off automatic save when closing Scrivener?

Hi everybody,

in addition to my little formatting problem, I have a second newbie question I’m not able to figure out (although I really tried): How can I turn off the auto-save when closing a document? I’d like to have an dialog box like “Do you want to save the changes? Yes - No?” At the moment, imagining the scenario that I tried a lot in my document (deleted much, re-wrote a lot etc.) and DON’T want to save all these changes, I even have no chance to dismiss them - I HAVE TO save this. This surely can’t be the only option, can it? I tried to de-select “Turn on automatic backups” in the preferences, but this doesn’t help. Does anybody have a hint for me? Thanks so much!!!


No, there’s no way to turn off auto-save. However, if you are about to make lots of changes, just hit cmd-5 to take a “snapshot” of your current document (the current text, not the whole project) - that way you can always return to your earlier version whenever you want. You can also set up Scrivener to make a backup of your project whenever the project is opened via the “Backup” pane of the preferences, which means you can easily return to your last backup if you want.

Hope that helps.

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Hey Keith,

thanks a lot for your answer. I’ll will definitely try this out and I think it will work. Already tried the “Snapshot” function, but how can I open an older backup version of a project …?



Lars, in the same Backups preference pane, you should see a button at the bottom which will load the backup folder up for you in the Finder. You should be able to find all of the backups, and copy any out that you want to restore from. Since they are zipped by default, you’ll need to double-click on them in Finder first, before loading them. I recommend copy instead of move, so you don’t disturb the originals. So just Option-drag the desired backup to your Desktop to examine it.

Thanks a lot, Amber, found it!!