Turn off folder names in compiled document

Hi there, sorry if this has been asked before. I can’t find out how to turn off folder names when I am compiling a project (if it is indeed possible). That is, if I compile a project with folders named “Prologue”, “Chapter 1”, “Chapter 2”, etc., it puts those folder names in big, bold lettering at the top of each chapter. I’d rather it didn’t.

Thanks in advance.

Go to Compile, open the compile format you’re using, find the section layout(s) assigned to the section type(s), select Layouts on the left, and uncheck Title or remove <$title> from the Prefix/Suffix.

Thank you for the answer. Is there anyway to modify the “Default” compile settings in Scrivener for iOS? I can see how to modify the other templates, but I don’t know enough about editing this code stuff to fix everything how I’d like it, unfortunately. I like the default, except for the titles being at the top of every section.

Thank you.

If you mean editing a built-in project template or built-in compile format, you cannot. You can save any project as a project template on the Mac, including any modified compile formats it contains. I don’t know what you can do on iOS.

All right, thank you! I also have Scrivener on Mac, so I’ll try to work on the template stuff there.