Turn off headers on all documents in folder outside drafts folder when compiling


I made a documentary-script. I try to compile it with a front matter, but also a with a page after the script, with references, notes and other stuff. This page should not be in the documentary table format. And here is my problem: the page after the script should not have the header that is used in the documentary format (Audio / Video above the columns).

I can not get this to work.

My project has theese folders and documents.

Front matter (folder)
– Frontpage (document)
Script (drafts folder)
– Myscript (document, the script in documentary format)
Notes (folder)
– References (document)

When compiling I go to Page Settings > Header and footer > and there I check “No header on single pages”. This works for the frontpage (front matter) - page. But not for my references document that is several pages. It gets the headers too.

Also, the “as is” doesn’t seem to do anything?

What am I missing? Is this even possible?

I checked manual, this forum and googled for info on this, did not find instructions to do this? Different headers for different pages, or turning off headers on some pages?

OK, I did manage to find one stupid solution.

The document I wanted to have after the script, was one document in Scrivener. BUT, if you divide that in serveral documents, each one printed page, that means making pagebreaks manually, you get no headers on those pages. Since you have the “No headers on single pages” thingy checked.

Is there really no better way?

Have hou looked at the Layout part of the Compi,e dialogue, where you can choose Title and Text? By changing the structure in the Binder you can decide which levels get Titles and not.