turn off horizontal edit line centering

I get it. I understand the appeal.

But it is still annoying. When I click on a line and begin to edit, it jerks that line into a prescribed location. But the first thing I think is ‘did I just accidentally delete entire paragraphs?’ Because that would be the only logical answer to why the screen changes that drastically.

And I have accepted where that line was in the text presented, and all of a sudden it’s now somewhere else. The goalpost has moved.

I consider this more an annoyance than a feature, so I would like to propose two solutions:

1: The ability to turn this off completely (I read the 9000 page manual, and could not find a way)

2: Make it glide to the prescribed position slowly, gently, so it doesn’t feel like something unwanted happened, and so that we can see the movement, adjust to the repositioning, and not feel like we just had our faces slapped by Scrivener every single time we go to edit. No more whiplash, please. :wink:

Format -> Options -> Typewriter Scrolling.


Thanks, but that does not seem to work in compose mode.

Do you mean that typewriter scrolling does not work in compose, or that turning it off in compose — by un-checking the entry — does not cancel the unwanted behavior?


OK, try to picture it like this.

You select a document in the binder, and begin to scroll it in scrivenings mode. (BTW, the auto-correct here is convinced that ‘scrivenings’ is not a word, and ‘corrects’ it, because it is not a word).

OK. You scroll down 10 paragraphs as you review. Then you think, ‘I would rather view this in compose mode, because that is awesome’. But when you go to compose mode, the cursor gets placed at the head of the document, and the document jumps to the top.

“What the…” You were 10 paragraphs in, which is where you wanted to be. All of a sudden you are back at the top, because compose mode is not smart enough to understand that you scrolled ahead 10 paragraphs for a purpose, and that that is where you want to be.

Who could not think that was annoying? Especially for a program designed to make writing easier and more productive.

OK. Now you are reviewing, and you notice a typo near the bottom of the ‘compose paper’. You select the word you want to edit, and…

“What the…” the paper jumps so that the selected word or line is now up higher. Why on earth would I want that? Once I locate a word I need to edit, I know where it is, and I can easily deal with it being where it is. Why would I want it to jump to a different location where I then need to locate it visually all over again?

But OK. You make a small edit, maybe correct a typo, change ‘is is’ to ‘it is’.

OK, done. Now you continue to review. You read down the page, and when you get near the bottom, you attempt to scroll further. But…

“What the…” instead of scrolling from where you were, it jumps the page back to where it was before it jumped it up 30 lines for that previous edit. The operative phrase there is ‘previous edit’. That edit is something already done, and why on God’s green earth would compose mode think you wanted to be scrolled back to a position you were in 30 seconds ago? You are trying to scroll from where you are, not from where you were back in the day, fercrissakes.

None of that makes any practical sense at all. Compose mode has now done three very annoying things in under a minute.

I see how the line centering makes sense for certain other functions, but it is not smart enough to work for many other normal functions, so there should be a way to Turn. That. Behavior. Off.

Or fix the annoyances. Make it smarter.

It’s just not that brilliant. Yet. It’s just not that clever.

Compose mode and the standard editor mode have independent typewriter scrolling settings. The command is the same (Format -> Options -> Typewriter Scrolling), but you’ll need to set it for the two views separately.

(To see the menu bar in Compose mode, just move your mouse up to the top of the screen.)