Turn off Import V1 Presets

Every time I compile I’m interrupted with a Scrivener v1 compile presets import window. I made the switch to V3 over a year ago and have long since moved everything over. Is there any way to turn this off? It asks about project presets and shared scrivener v1 presets for a particular project.

I don’t want anything messing with how my V3 is working so I have to cancel every time.

The best you can do at the moment is delete the v1 common presets. Move with the mouse over the names to see a full file path.

I’m afraid. The v1 Project presets are in a scrivener3\2020Newsletters folder which version one clearly has never had anything to do with. I don’t want to risk wiping out the settings that I’ve got working right. Is there a way to see what is being used by V3?

The Shared Scrivener v1 Presets are dated Feb 2017 so were probably made with V1, but where is the one I’m using now and how can I be sure this isn’t it?

The whole compile configuration is rather complex and once I have it working, I hate to mess with it.

Your project is most likely upgraded from a Scrivener v1 project. Your last Scrivener v1 compile presets are stored within the project folder under MY_PROJECT_FOLDER.scriv\Settings\compile.INI

You can safely delete this file, if you do not want to import legacy compile settings. Please, note the file extension *.INI.
Do NOT delete “compile.XML” which is a Scrivener v3 compile file.

I have the same problem. I am using Win 3 beta for 2 years or more and I am NOT working on a migrated project. It was created from scratch in November 2019.
It is really annoying.

I do monthly newsletters. Each January I do a save as on my project and save into a new annual folder with a new annual name. Then I delete everything issue below November to keep the project a reasonable size. So, this a 2018 project (or 2017) was if V1 but neither the 2019 or the 2020 had anything to do with V1.

What presets do I keep? Where are they? What did V1 use? Where are they?