Turn off separators when writing in composite mode

Hello! I’m trying out Scrivener - it looks really exciting. At the moment I use a mixture of Final Draft, Word, Excel, Stickies…

However, it’s really important to me when I’m writing that I know exactly where I am in terms of pages - a page is a minute of screen time - and I need to keep track of it at all times… And things like orphans and the shape of the white space on the page is really important for the reading experience.

But the ‘separators’ in Scrivener - the line and space - between each scene in screenplay mode really throw it off - the page count by several pages… Is there any way to turn them off so I get true WYSISYG? Then I’d be very tempted to move over to Scrivener!

Thanks so much!

PS. also, when I imported my Final Draft 8 project file, it came in as just plain text, and lost all the italics I’d put into the dialogue (half the dialogue is in Turkish (italics) and half English (non-italics) - is there any way to bring it in with formatting intact? And when I output back to .fdx or .pdf will it lose the Italics again?

Simple answer: check out the “Separate Scrivenings with single line breaks” option in the Formatting preference tab (it’s down toward the bottom). This will use an alternate “zero height” separator, shown as marginal cropping guides that will not disrupt page flow. I would also recommend reading §19.2 “Using Page View to Estimate Page Counts” (pg. 251) in the user manual PDF. This section is written just for scriptwriters.

Generally speaking, Scrivener isn’t WYSIWYG at all, however with scriptwriting this is an exception. With the proper tweaks, you can get page accuracy.

Italics: Keith will have to remark on that, it does seem to be dropping on import. I do note that I can compile to FDX with italics just fine, so it must be that FD is specifying italics in a way that Scrivener is not expecting.

Wow, thanks so much Amber! That’s solved it. I guess I’m still going to have to go through FInal Draft on the way out to reformat, as the way FD handles page breaks mid-dialogue and mid-action is just brilliant. But that process might be good for me - forcing me to give the script one last going over.

Maybe I should make the italics issue a separate posting.

Thanks again! :smiley:

Oh yes, we don’t make any claims about replacing Final Draft or similar. Scrivener remains a “first draft” tool in the regards of specific page-aware constructs like the ones you describe. Its awareness of pages is somewhat limited and that makes features like this difficult to implement. We’ll get you to the doorstep though. :slight_smile:

I think for outlining it’s going to be brilliant. Next project will definitely start life in S.