Turn off "Web content inserted with errors" dialog?

Ever since I got the Scrivener and now Scrivener 3, there’s always a consistent problem with one thing… whenever I copy text from certain web pages, doesn’t matter what web pages it is, the result would sometimes be like this…

  1. Copy text from web pages…

  2. New Untitled Document

  3. Pasting into Untitled Document

  4. Dialog pops up: Downloading Web Content
    1Downloading Web Content

  5. Dialog pops up: Web content inserted with errors
    2Web content inserted with errors

So that’s what happens, and I have to click “Ok” each and every time to get rid of the dialog box.

It gets tedious after awhile, so i thought of looking for this dialog setting to turn it off, so I wants the pasting process to just paste whatever’s available and not bother me with letting me know whatever that I copied cannot be pasted, okay. Simple.

Just paste whatever’s available, that’s all I asks, don’t tell me each and every time something’s cannot be copied.

Tried to find a solution in the manual, tried to find the solution here here, but I don’t see anything like that, so I wonders what to do about how to find answers, so I try asking here, okay.

I really hopes someone can tell me where to find this dialog box and turn it off, thanks.

Can you paste via Notepad or use ctrl+shift+V?

Paste directly, yeah, ctrl+v, because I like keeping the formatting from the webpages.
If I pastes ctrl+shift+v, it gets plain text, all formatting stripped. No dialog errors.

Is there a reason why you don’t use External Bookmarks to web pages?
Those open completely formatted in a browser Control besides your text with one click…

Ahhh I see Windows version is “Import Web Page”, which is same as you mentioned. Makes sense, but I prefers visiting webpages once, maybe twice and never again. So I copy texts if its interesting, that’s all. No need to clutter up everything with bookmarks.