Turn Scrivener into an IDE, or The Joy of Text

Is there any way to modify a setting in the Editor so that only plain text is entered?

I’m tired of having to deal with the built-in MacOs insistence on changing (i) to I, as if the list item had become a pronoun, autonumbering (a round trip to Sublime Text removes the cruft, but start editing in Scrivener and it creeps back in) and other uncommanded changes.

In Scrivener, you can go to Scrivener > Preferences/Settings > Corrections and review the capitalize “i” setting.

I’m not seeing a setting in either Scrivener or my macOS to disable autonumbering. However, plenty of users on this forum write in Markdown in Scrivener. You might see if their past posts offer tips on how they number lists in Markdown to avoid that issue.

I other apps, that capitalization feature is useful.

i think so at least. Turn it off, and i think there will be all sorts of m1sch1ef.

The setting I referenced is a Scrivener-specific setting, not a macOS setting.

I have that setting off in Scrivener but Pages will still capitalize “i” for me at the start of a sentence, for example.

Thank you.

As we are in wishlist land, I do wish we had more fine-grained control over Scrivener’s corrections. I would love that Scrivener styles could control corrections, so I could have a list style that would disable all corrections, but still allow corrections in other styles when I am writing text. I most acutely deal with this for editing metadata where capitalisation and smart quotes totally breaks YAML from working. I want these for normal text, but never for metadata… But whether Textkit would allow this or not is another matter, and it seems that @KB has much bigger fish frying in his pot…