Turning off External Folder Sync


I checked in the Dropbox thread, but this doesn’t seem to be covered…

Is there an easy way to totally disable External Folder Sync once it’s set up? I’ve been doing some syncing between Scrivener and Notebooks, but now I’m working in Scrivener alone and want to make 100% sure that I can’t accidentally delete words by triggering an unwanted sync. (I did that one morning a couple of months ago, by syncing before Dropbox had updated. Lost 600 words that I’d just written, and had to rewrite them from memory!)

Scrivener won’t allow me to delete the folder name, so all I can currently do is to uncheck as many boxes as possible and keep my fingers crossed…

It’s also a bit annoying that even when I turn sync options off, the only button I can choose in order to apply the changes is “Sync”, which is exactly what I don’t want to do!

Un-tick the boxes and then hold down the Option key while clicking on “Sync” - this will save your changes without syncing. There is a bug here - when holding down the “Option” key, “Sync” should change to say “Save”, as in Compile, but currently it doesn’t. Once you’ve done that you can just delete your external folder.

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