Turning off footnote/annotation format[BUG LOGGED]

So it appears that if I am typing, use keyboard shortcuts to switch on footnote or annotation format, then use the shortcuts to turn it off, it doesn’t actually turn off.
Also, if I select a bunch of text to turn into a footnote, if there isn’t space afterward, Scrivener will continue applying footnote formatting to the rest of my text. Has anyone else noticed this?

I didn’t see that there were keyboard shortcut for annotation/footnote. What were they?

I was using the Alt key to get to the menus and working that way. I think it’s Alt + R (FoRmat), + N (FootNote) or somesuch. Either way, even when it was deselected as an option, text at the end of a footnote or annotation became annotated or footnote text.

Yes, I have. I have been turning footnote formatting on and off via the check box on the menu (no keyboard shortcuts). Here’s what I do:

Footnote on via menu
Type “footnote text”
Footnote off via menu
Type “next sentence” <-- which is still highlighted as if it is being formatted as a footnote

There seems to be slightly different behaviour next, perhaps with a relationship to whether I type a space or not.

However, what seems to be the basic rule is that the “next sentence” I have just typed looks to be a footnote. So I go back to the menu and try to turn off the footnoting. In fact, the menu shows footnotes are off, so what I do is turn them on. but the effect on screen is that the “next sentence” I have just typed no longer shows as footnoted (and Scrivener seems to remember that I turned off footnoting at a certain point, because the original “footnote text” remains footnoted). The problem now, is that footnoting is turned on again for what I am about to type.

ALSO, even when I get past this mix up, once I have used footnoting, the cursor often retains the look of being held between brackets: (|).


Thanks I have been able to duplicate this and logged a bug accordingly.