Turning off synopsis view leaves blank space in Outliner mode.

I run with a three-pane style navigation, but I ordinarily leave the Outliner with fixed row height OFF, and synopses ON. My expectation is that if I turn synopses OFF, my Outliner will close up to one line per folder/text, but instead I get blank space where the synopses were displayed. (see screenshot below.)

My questions: Is this expected behaviour? If so, is there any way I can get a compact outliner display of one line per item? If not, is there a workaround?

Anyone? This doesn’t happen in the Tutorial (I just created a new copy to be sure.) Also, it persists even when I reset preferences to default, so it’s not Preferences. Nor does it happen in my other projects. I conclude that it’s something weird in this particular project.

Any ideas?

I haven’t seen anything like that before, it is definitely not intentional. It would be quite a coincidence for the spacing to match, but do you have any custom metadata text fields set to wrap? That would also increase the height of the row.

Otherwise, what happens if you drag one of these items into a blank project, does the problem transfer? The problem might be something that could be sent to another computer so we can have a look at it, if so.

Wrapping metadata fields…. There just might be. I have them off to the right but displayed. I’m using my phone right now, but when I get to a place where I can set up my mac, I’ll look.

You’re right, Ioa, it’s the wrapping metadata field. I’ll hide it for the duration—and remember next time something like this happens. :blush:

Thanks for your helpful response.

No worries! You can also turn off wrapping in Project Settings, rather than hide the field entirely, if that works better for you.

Ah—I could do as you suggest, of course, but that field happens to be one that interacts with Aeon Timeline and messing with its formatting would mean also going into AT and changing it there… and I don’t want to start that tail-chasing. :smiley: But it’s a field I’m not using much (which is why it’s off screen) so taking it out of the outliner is less of a problem.

But thanks for the suggestion! It might have worked with a different field :slight_smile: