Turning off the comments pane

As a new user to Scrivener I have been using the add comments facility. This works fine, but I do not know how to now switch the right hand side of the display back from a list of comments to the original inspector panel which showed file outlines.

Any help appreciated - Thanks

The buttons at the bottom of the inspector allow you to switch between comment panes, and the “i” button in the toolbar allows you to hide the inspector entirely.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Keith

Thanks. Clicking the Inspector button allows me to turn the comments pane off, but none of the buttons at the bottom LHS of the screen seem to allow me to toggle back to the original file outline mode.



The inspector has never been capable of a file outline mode, so I’m not sure what you mean there. Perhaps you were viewing that in the other editor?

Sorry my error, I of course meant synopsis.

However following your advice I have now found the Notes icon at the bottom of the screen which toggles between comments and synopsis mode.

Problem solved - Thanks for the speedy response

Ah, okay - glad you found what you needed!
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This may be a bridge too far, but is there any way of combining views so that one might view the synopsis and comments in the inspector at the same time? I find those to be far more in-demand than overall document notes. Thanks!

There’s no way of doing this, no, although in a future version I am planning to allow comments to be optionally viewed in popovers, which would mean that you could view them without necessarily switching to the comments pane. If you’re not using the secondary editor, you could always set it up to show the corkboard, and link it to the current editor so that when you select an index card its document is shown in the other editor:

Thanks for the gracious and speedy response. I will have to try that on an external monitor, although on my laptop it would be a bit tough to manage. For me, the genius of Scrivener (for academic journal work primarily) is the ability to see the outline (binder), text (editor) and summary (synopsis) at the same time. A fourth column might make my head explode, but worth a shot.

Another way of doing it is to turn off the binder and use the outliner instead, which shows the structure and the synopses.

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