Turning Smart Quotes on?

I swear I have searched for the answer to this.

Somehow I seem to have broken my copy of Scrivener 2.1, because not only am I having the problems I mentioned in the Wish List forum, but now Smart Quotes are off. I have looked in Preferences, I have looked in the menus, I have searched in the forums, but nothing doing: yesterday quote marks were curly, and today they are straight and I have to select Format>Convert>Quotes to Smart Quotes to make them all curly again. HELP!

Another place to check (since this is where smart quotes come from anyway) is the Text tab in the Language & Text system preference pane. Make sure you have Smart Quotes set to curly quotes there.

Just went nuts there for a moment looking for Language & Text in Scrivener preferences. Then realized you meant Mac System Preferences. Doh!

Anyhow, those preferences are set to curly quotes, as is the User Smart Quotes checkbox in Scriv Preferences>Corrections

How about TextEdit, do you get smart quotes there?

No, I don’t! I’m guessing this is not a Scrivener problem then. Maybe I will try power-cycling and see if that clears up any or all of these problems.

Yeah, sounds like a Mac problem in that case. If a reboot doesn’t work, then a preference file reset might. I have no idea which preference file might be related though. One of the “com.apple.*” ones. I’m trying to find out some info on Google but it’s a tricky search.

Yeah, power-cycling did not clear up my problems. (Dunno if Lion’s “open everything just the way it was” affects that at all.) If you find anything, please let me know–I did a clean install for Lion and now I’m beginning to wonder what the heck is going on.

Okay, I have no idea what’s going on, but: power cycling didn’t clear up the problems…until, of course, it did. Smart quotes just started working again in Scrivener, after not working post-bootup.

Weirdly, they are still NOT working in Text Edit, but I don’t care.

I have done something terrible to my system by doing a clean install, I tell you!


I couldn’t come up with anything, but you might take the time to report it to Apple as it does sound like a bug in their system. Here is the link:


I’m having the same problem. Smart quotes aren’t working after my Lion upgrade and I have both the System and Scrivener preferences set to use them. The Format -> Convert -> Quotes to Smart Quotes menu item does work, however.

On a separate note, when I registered for the forum so I could post a comment, you sent my password to me in the body of the confirmation email. This is a very bad practice.

Lion here.

My smart quotes turned off unexpectedly – in the middle of writing. The beginning quotes were smart and the ending were not.

I checked all the settings and they were appropriate.

I logged off, restarted Scrivener and they came back.

It’s not much as a helpful hint, but it’s a data point.

Cleland, thanks, I’ll take a look at that. It’s just doing whatever is default for phpBB no doubt at the moment.