Turning to folder deleted file

Dear everyone,
I was compiling a bunch of texts into one file/page and decided it would be smarter to make it into a folder with many texts. Now I have a folder with the name of the file, but all the text is gone and I cannot undo it for some reason. the folder has one blank card in the “cork board” but there is nothing in it. I am freaking out (this is my dissertation)- any tips? Much appreciated!

Did you use Documents > Convert > to Folder, to convert the text document containing all of your text into a folder? If so, don’t worry. Folders in Scrivener are just text files with special behaviour. The first thing to try is selecting the folder in the binder and then switching to editor mode for the editor - that is, turning off the corkboard or outliner. For instance, if the corkboard is selected in the three-part button in the toolbar, click on the corkboard icon to turn it off (or do so for the outliner). This will reveal the text that is part of the folder.

Most likely what you want to do instead, though, is to put the text inside a folder. In that case, try this:

  1. Select the folder.

  2. Go to Documents > Convert > to File. This will convert the folder back to a text file.

  3. With the file still selected, use Documents > New Folder from Selection (Cmd-G). This will place the text file inside a folder.

  4. You can then go through the text and break it up into smaller files using Documents > Split.

Hope that helps.

All the best,