Tutor for Windows

Does anyone know of a tutor in the London area who can help a new user get started?

Welcome to Scrivener and its forums, UJ53.

I’m sorry that I can’t help you with a Scrivener tutor in the London area. However, I would strongly suggest that before you seriously start seeking such a tutor, you look instead at the self-tuition resources that are available. Those are likely to be both less expensive and more accessible than a tutor.

There are at least three kinds. There are the resources that come with Scrivener itself: the Interactive Tutorial, the Manual (both under the application’s Help menu), and the advice available in this forum and elsewhere on this website. All are exceptionally good, better than anything available for comparable software. It is particularly recommended that you work carefully through the Tutorial before you dive into the application. (The Manual is more of a reference work for dipping into on specific topics if you’re stumped by them, rather than a continuous read.) Elsewhere on this website (here), there is a collection of helpful videos (but I suggest you tackle the Interactive Tutorial first, in order to enable you to understand how the videos fit together).

There are also several books that can teach you Scrivener. It’s worth looking through Amazon for them. The Scrivener book by Gwen Hernandez in the “Dummies” series has a strong reputation.

Finally there are online courses. I’ve never used one, but I’m sure that others on this forum can make recommendations from experience.


Thank for taking the time to respond, I will follow up on your advise.