Tutorial Bug - Part 2, Step 7, #4: Scrivings Mode


After reading this part, once more click on “Part 2: Organisation” in the binder. When you do so, you will notice that the “View Mode” icon in the toolbar changes. In fact, it even gets renamed - it becomes “Group Mode”:

The single text icon on the left has now changed into a stack of paper.[==> THIS PART WORKS] This means that it is possible to enter Scrivenings mode. To do so, you simply click on the button with the icon of the stack of papers. Try that with the “Part 2” folder now, and after selecting the stack of papers icon scroll all the way down to the bottom of the editor, then return here by clicking back on “Step 7” in the binder.

[==> THIS PART DOES NOT WORK]…when I stay on Part 2: Organisation and click on the multi-stack icon, it toggles between group mode and view mode (based upon the slider expanding or shrinking), but the icon continues to [incorrectly] show multiple pages and the description still says group mode.

…this is minor…I’ve loved using the product and only want to see it keep improving and helping me write…many thanks…I use it every day and have been super excited about this new version…

Done that? You should have seen that the text from all the various subdocuments of the “Part 2” folder - including this one - were combined into one long document, with dividers between them. You could have edited the text, and your changes would have automatically been applied to all of the individual files you altered.

There’s nothing wrong here: you had “Scrivenings” mode selected, then you clicked on the icon again to turn it off (which would show you the text content of the “Part 2” folder on its own, without any of its subdocuments). The multi-stack of papers remains to indicate that you can enter scrivenings mode again.

The tutorial told you to click on “Step 7” again, to return to the document on its own.

Thanks for the kind words!

All the best,