tutorial: "Cannot access: '/usr/share"

I’ve installed the tutorial on 2 Ubuntu systems (one 11.04, one 11.10) and get the same error when I try to open the tutorial. First, a “location access error” alert that says I don’t have permission to access '/usr/share, and when I OK out of that, and try to save elsewhere like in Documents, I get another that says “Cannot access '/u File does not exist. The project may have been moved or deleted.”

I really want to work thru the tutorial. Is there some simple Linux thing I’m not getting about this? is there a simple way to get the tutorial file somewhere I can use it? It doesn’t seem like anyone else has had this particular problem…

Looks like the tutorial is not shipped with the Linux version yet. You can grab a Windows version from my DropBox: dl.dropbox.com/u/175826/Tutorial.scriv.zip

Sorry to be slow in responding–I was travelling.
Thanks for your generosity–that’s working for me. When you install S in Linux (Ubuntu, anyway) it sure LOOKS like the tutorial is there, which sent me around and around. It looks very useful and I’m looking forward to working thru it.
Thanks again.

Glad to help, Michael. I looked around on my system, couldn’t find the tutorial files anywhere and just guessing that it was not included in the .deb that I installed from. Fortunately I had bought the Windows version. :smiley:

Thanks for uploading. Hopefully they will be included in the deb file in the next release?!

Just finished my (first) working through the tutorial–thanks again! I’m sure I’ll do it at least once more after I’ve worked in S for a while, just to remind myself of all the features I’m forgetting.

(For the record, in case anyone else downloads that copy of the tuturial, I think the “research” files must be separate, because they don’t appear as expected when you work through it. This is no big deal at all, and the tutorial is still completely useful.)

Once I download the suggested file from Dropbox (dl.dropbox.com/u/175826/Tutorial.scriv.zip) where do I extract it to ?

Using Ubuntu 10.04

Anywhere, really, and then open it like any other Scrivener project. I think the program, itself, expects it to be in LiteratureAndLatte/bin/. (At least it is on mine.)

Probably my bad on that, if you installed it from the deb. I’m kind of a newbie at making installation packages. Although I DID get the name generator to work for Linux a couple of versions ago, that was pretty much a no-brainer that I should have figured out when I first started building them.

As for the tutorial, garpu, shouldn’t that (for an installer, anyway) just be a matter of me a) having the tutorial at the right place in the file structure, of course, and b) having an install script either chown to user:user or chmod to 555?

(I’m not official Lit&Lat staff, BTW, just happy to volunteer what I can do. Most of those who built some of the earlier debs knew more about it than I do. Lee’s going to be doing most of it now, and although I’m around to answer any questions he might have, I’m pretty sure he’s beyond what little expertise I have to offer at this point.)

Yeah, so long as the permissions are OK, it should work. Name generator works for me, but I didn’t do anything special beyond copying the LiteratureandLatte folder into /usr/local.