Tutorial--Compile Section

I’ve been going back through the tutorial since I didn’t remember half of what I read the first time. I don’t remember whether I had this problem before, but the last exercise on compiling isn’t working for me. (Part 3, Step 16)

It involves selecting a variety of formatting options for the levels to be compiled, and the previewing the results. In the preview window, I cannot see anything but the first page, and I can’t figure out how to turn the pages. It looks like it’s only showing page one. Am I doing something wrong? Is something not working properly?

Appreciate any help anyone can offer. Thanks!

There aren’t any “pages” in the context I think you are describing. To double-check you are referring to the “Preview” compile option that opens a window upon completion? There should be a scrollbar on that, or you can of course just use the regular scrolling methods on your mouse or with the PgUp/Down keys.

There is a mistake in the tutorial (my fault!) that has it set to compile only the Part 1 folder and its contents by default, rather than the entire Draft. That might be what you’re running into on the first compile. If you continue on to the next steps in compile–expanding the compile dialog and viewing the “Contents”–you’ll see the “Part 1” folder at the top in the drop-down menu rather than Draft, as it says. You can switch it back to Draft to try the initial compile again, then return it to “Part 1: Basics” for continuing the tutorial steps.

I’m so sorry for the confusion!

Thanks, Guys. :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s what I was seeing Jennifer. Thanks for the help!