tutorial didn't answer my most crucial question

Honest, I did go and watch it before posting here, but it didn’t answer my biggest question about getting started. In fact, it gave me a new biggest question, which is, “What use is it going to be to me to get a program where all the tutorials are video?”

Yeah, I’m a professional writer. And I’m hearing-impaired. I’m sure the video tutorial is great, but it might as well be a webcam focused on a brick wall for all the good it does me. I’m REALLY excited about Scrivener, because by the description it sounds like exactly what I need, but if it’s only going to be supported by material that requires a person to be able to hear, I’m either S.O.L. or I’ll have to puzzle it out from reading all the help documents. (Which I’d probably do anyway, because I’m that kind of happy weirdo, but hey, a person would rather feel welcomed from the start, instead of like I have to go around to the back and climb in through a rear window – find the support pages and download a .pdf – because I’m not on the guest list for this party and can’t get through the front door.)

Something that would help in the interim: could you put a link to the help file next to the link to the video tutorial while you’re in the process of adding captions? That would help a little in the meantime. (You are going to add captions to the final version of the tutorial, right? Please tell me you are, pretty please with syntax on top? If not, maybe I better re-think this registering thing.)

A print-based tutorial is available through the help menu. Just type tutorial in help, click on the word tutorial and another window will open. Click on the continue button at the bottom of the window and an interactive tutorial file will launch. Hope this is of some help.

I doubt there will ever be a “final version” of the tutorial, as Scrivener has constantly evolved since its inception. I wonder if there are online services that would help you with captioning? Or some noble soul in the Scriv community?

Honestly, you can learn to work it without the videos. Using the Help file and reading the FAQ should be more than sufficient. And plenty of folks will offer advice if you ask. Jaysen (the headless one) is especially kind-hearted.

The video is a relative new thing, for a long time the only resource we had for learning Scrivener was the built-in interactive tutorial, which is just a text-based Scrivener project you can go through and work with as you learn. This is far more comprehensive, and as druid suggests, from there the user manual and FAQ will answer 99% of your questions, what isn’t found there is almost certainly in the massive resource this forum has become. :slight_smile:

The video is just gravy for those that like that kind of learning, not a necessary component.

I agree. The video sells Scrivener, the tutorial teaches it.

After reading Elise’s post, I immediately wrote my colleagues that we should add written captions to all our video tutorials.

But I understand I should have had my coffe, this morning. We make musical instruments.



As the others have pointed out, there already are written tutorials. The videos are supplementary tutorials, mainly intended to help new or potential users get quick bite-sized ideas of how to do certain things. But to learn the application properly, you should go through the interactive tutorial project available via the Help menu. That takes about an hour and you are actually using Scrivener while you are learning. And then there is the Help file available from the same menu, which you can use to find out anything else you know.

The video tutorials were actually added because some users complained that they didn’t learn well from written materials and preferred videos…!

Hope that helps.
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Awesome! I am going to go do that right now. Thank you.

Ah! Then I know exactly what confused me, and if you guys decide it needs fixing, it’s a very easy fix. When I got to this page: literatureandlatte.com/scrivener.html and looked at the buttons on the right, there was that big one for video tutorials, but nothing indicating that there was a print tutorial, let alone a much more comprehensive one. If that information had been right next to the video tutorials button, I wouldn’t have mistakenly thought that the video tutorials were the only option for learning how to use Scrivener.

(There’s one other place, too, where a small edit could have saved me, and I’ll look for it. It was a line about how you learn to use Scrivener, and it spec’d the video tutorial but made no mention at all of a print option.)


That is a laudable thing.

Having a video option is a selling point for a bunch of people, but please don’t forget to tell us newbies right on the main page that there are detailed written options, yah? You guys know where it is, but we don’t yet. If we go click on “Support” it tells us that there is a written one and where to find it, but some of us don’t generally go to support until we have a problem.

GIven that the written tutorial is the most detailed and in-depth one, it would be particularly helpful to mention it on the Scrivener download/sales page. The current page, with its link to the video tutorial and no written tutorial mentioned at all, led me to infer that the video one is the heart of it all and that everything you need is in there. (Which is why I had my moment of despair when I was trying to get started. Well, for values of despair that equal extreme cussing.)

Thanks! And, um, I am really sorry to start off all complainy and stuff, because I’m happy to be here and very grateful for all the work you’re all doing.

(I am liking the written tutorial so much that, now I have been told the video ones are alternative versions of the written material, I am likely to skip those and just happily proceed with the written one.)

Thank you! Ten thousand thank yous!

Oh, dear.

Actually, as a hearing-impaired musician, I’d be in the target market there. But that’s a subject for another forum, yah? Anyhow, thanks!

The only reasons the written tutorial and help file isn’t mentioned specifically on the main site is that I figured a written help file and tutorial is pretty standard for most applications. We could certainly put a note at the top of the videos page that the videos are intended to be supplementary to the written material, though.
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