Tutorial for 2.0

I have arrived at the “compiling a draft” section, following each direction to the “t” - and all was well up 'til now. Would you please tell me if the directions under steps 7 and 8 are working? Immediately after the words in step 7: “(you’ll see what I mean in a minute)”, I perform what (I think) is directed, the effect you say will happen does NOT. Am I doing something wrong, or might this be a infinitesimal bug? I have gone back through the steps leading up to this several times, and think I am doing it correctly.

Anyway, what is happening is that when I click the middle L+ line, after making the requested format changes in the L+ folder on top (title centered, font enlarged, 8 lines of padding indicated), the effects are not shown in the pane below when I change to the “one in the middle.” Am I correct in my discovery?

I love the program.

I’m not quite sure I follow you, sorry. When you click on the middle row, the formatting will show the formatting for the middle row, which you haven’t changed yet. So clicking on the middle row wouldn’t show the formatting you set for another row. Can you explain further (I assume you mean step 17, not step 7, too?).

Thanks for your response, and, yes Keith, I am in Step 17 - referring to the numbered items within that step - steps 7 and 8 - all other steps up to this point went perfectly. Maybe I’m reading the directions wrong, but if you follow your directions in the tutorial exactly during this area of step 17, the effect you say will happen doesn’t happen. If I am wrong, my apologies. I am not referring to step 7.

In direction “5)” thru “7)” of step 17 - The tutorial asks you to make changes in the folder group line - the first L+ line, in relation to the the title tick box. Specifically, change the word “title” to be centered and increased in size, and then to add 8 lines of padding. Done. At the end of step seven, the tutorial says I’ll see what you mean in a minute. I am assuming I’ll see them when I perform “8)” - and you indeed do say that my changes should now be seen. They are not.

In other words, during “8)” of step 17 - when I’m supposed to click, as the tutorial directs, “the text group row (the one in the middle)” - no changes are reflected.

Basically, the changes I make to the title in the folder L+ row are NOT reflected when I click on the text group row - the title is back to being left justified, at it’s original size and font, and the padding lines remain at zero.

That’s all - no biggie. Just trying to become an informed user of the software. And if I’m an imbecile, I’ll gladly admit it.


Ah, I see what you mean now - it seems that I forgot to reset the compile settings, so that they are set up as they should be after you’ve followed along. I’ll fix this for 2.0.1, but in the meantime, select “Original” from the “Format As” pop-up button at the top of the Compile sheet to completely reset them.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention - it’s me that’s the imbecile. :slight_smile:

All the best,

Phew - glad I can still follow directions correctly, and no - you are not an imbecile. Not in my deepest reaches could I create a software as wonderful as this.

Thanks for the quick reply, and I’ll proceed now on to step 18. I’m a tad OCD, and had stalled my previously smooth forward progress when I bumped up against this.