Tutorial for v2.7

Just a heads-up: the interactive Tutorial that comes inside the new v2.7 in Chapter 5 regarding the Inspector, in several places refers to the toolbar of the Inspector (with the icons for choosing snapshot, keyword, notes etc) as being in its old place at the bottom of the Inspector rather than its new position on the top of the Inspector.

Argh, I thought I’d got everywhere. Thanks! I’ll add that to the list for 2.8.

(Just to double-check: you did delete your old tutorial and create it a fresh, right? If you didn’t, Scrivener would be showing you the old tutorial project you had already created with an older version.)

It’s in the 2.7 one. :wink:

Not a biggie but this might be the place to mention that the 2.7 Manual (page 270) refers to the now removed ‘Auto Generate Synopsis’ button.