Tutorial glitches

Hi! In the tutorial, on the pages where you talk about the Inspector, the Inspector logo isn’t actually displayed for some reason, so it’s hard to follow the directions you give!

Similarly, on the pages that talk about changing editor views, the toolbar does not actually display the View Group Mode icons, so it’s hard to follow your directions.

Yes, the toolbar was inadvertently left off when the project was saved for distribution. You can do everything it is talking about without the toolbar, there is almost always more than one way to do anything in Scrivener, but it will be easier to follow along with it present obviously. To turn it on, do so in the View menu; way down at the bottom, or press Alt-LeftArrow.

Agree that all can be worked around, if you pull out the manual! (Which I did :slight_smile: ) But since the purpose of a tutorial is to give beginners a quick and easy introduction, I thought I’d flag these issues for you.