Tutorial help por favor

Hi there,

I’m brand new to Scrivener, downloaded it today based on a number of good reviews I found online. Unfortunately, I’m having nothing but trouble trying to even get started with the tutorial. None of the links in the binder seem active. For instance, I’m told to click step 1: beginnings but absolutely nothing happens when I click it.

In fact, nothing that I try to click does anything at all.

I’m aware there’s a learning curve with this program but this seems atypical to me. Can anyone provide any insight into what I’m possibly doing wrong? Very disappointed, I was really looking forward to getting my feet wet in the world of Scrivener tonight.

Since you recently downloaded I presume you’re using the trial version. The trial version will open a small window that requires you to click on “try” or “register” (or something like that).

Just wondering… Is it possible that the trial window has not been clicked on yet and thus is capturing all the input?

The tutorial should work out of the box with no problems and is a very valuable tool to ease the learning tool indeed.

Are you using a tablet pointer rather than a standard mouse or trackpad? There are known problems using tablets with the Qt framework Scrivener is built on that sounds like what you’re describing–clicks not registering, or only occasionally registering. You may be able to get around it by adjusting your tablet settings for Scrivener, particularly by switching to “pen mode” rather than “mouse mode”, but I’d suggest trying a different mouse to see if that resolves the initial problem before tweaking the tablet.

One other old-ball question, if the other tips do not address the matter, would be: is there a dark pink bar above the text editor area? If so, you somehow accidentally locked the editor. Locking will make it so you can work in the Binder without changing the text constantly. In this case it would make it so clicking on the requested step doesn’t work. :slight_smile: If that fits the description, use the View/Editor/Lock in Place menu command to disable it. The header bar should turn back to grey, and clicking in the Binder will load stuff automatically again.