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I am using the tutorial and on the VERY FIRST INSTRUCTION in the quick start it says to click on the X at the bottom of the binder area to return from the Quick Start collection to the full binder. I don’t see any X anywhere (Microsoft Surface Windows 10). So I start improvising by clicking other things and I realize that I am clicking the “remove selected documents from collection” button. So I’ve accidentally removed some of the documents from the Quick Start collection. In a panic I just close everything and reopen since I don’t want to save it that way and apparently it just saved it anyway without asking and now my tutorial is all screwed up. So…

  1. Which documents do I need to add back to Quick Start to get my tutorial back to normal?
  2. Why didn’t it confirm that I wanted to save these changes? I would really like to see a “Do you want to save” popup when I close something. Is the program just constantly saving, not as a backup or draft but as the main file? How does that work?


Hi Softy,

You can reset the tutorial by deleting the saved version, as per AmberV’s instructions here: https://is.gd/sz08Ms

By default, Scrivener saves after 2s of inactivity, which has saved a lot of people’s work when they lose power etc. It does require a slightly different mindset from something like Word though. There are plenty of ways to revert changes you’ve made - deleted files go into Scrivener’s trash folder, and can be recovered from there; you can make snapshots of files, saving them permanently, before you make changes; etc.

I’m pretty sure that most of that is explained in the tutorial, but the manual goes into more detail. Section 7.3 talks about how you can increase the autosave interval and use CTRL-S to manually save, if you really want to.

Great, thank you!

I tried to replicate the lack of an X button in the lower right binder area when viewing the QuickStart collection; couldn’t make it hide that part of the interface, so I’m wondering if you were viewing the quickstart collection, or if you were looking at the ‘full binder’ view. Did you start by following the directions under the “Getting Started Quickly” section of the “Start Here” document? If not, then that would explain the lack of a “exit the quick start collection view” “X” button.

I see the X now. It’s just incredibly tiny like everything else in the program when viewed on my tablet. Thanks.


Regarding your comment “It’s just incredibly tiny like everything else in the program when viewed on my tablet”…

You might read and see if the following is relevant. It has proven useful for folks using Scrivener for Windows on high-resolution-on-small-display devices such as the Microsoft Surface and Lenovo Yoga.
scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … i-displays