Tutorial Hung Up at Step 13

I just bought Scrivener, but can’t get started because my tutorial is hung up on step 13. The notice on the corkboard tells me to go to the Text tab. I do. It drops down. Nothing happens. I want to get started writing-- please help.

Hmm, looking at that I’m not even sure what I meant in that index card about the “Text” tab. I need to double-check that. Anyway, have you read the text of 13? Have you clicked on the corkboard icon to get rid of the corkboard? Have you clicked on Step 4 and got rid of the corkboard there? Exactly what step are you at?


OK~ I ignored the suggestion to go to text and read Step 13 and now am in Step 4. So I’m all set now. I think I was confused by looking at the text drop-down menu and thinking that something was going to happen. Thanks~ I’m an English professor and I just love the program so far~ I’ve recommended it to other faculty friends.

Thanks! I’ve made a note to myself to go back through the tutorial before releasing the next update. I re-read the section that confused you and I couldn’t understand it myself, so it may be a relic of an older version that makes no sense now. Whoops.
Glad you got going again.