Tutorial: Inspector

I am new and was using the tutorial. Unfortunately, the Inspector icon button does not appear on the toolbar of my tutorial so I’ve missed important training. HELP! Thank you.

If the main toolbar isn’t appearing, View > Toolbar.

If the blue “circled i” Inspector icon isn’t appearing in the main toolbar (probably at the right side), Tools > Customize Toolbars, select Main Toolbar in small upper right corner area, then select Inspector icon in left column, click => arrow beside right column (and optionally use up and down arrow buttons to locate it within the toolbar), click Apply, click OK.

Hope that helps.

If the project window was made too narrow, the inspector button may also not be visible. You’d see instead a double chevron button that you could click to show any extra buttons that couldn’t be fit in the current width of the toolbar. Resizing the window larger would allow it to fit again.

You can also open the inspector via View > Layout > Inspector or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+I.