Tutorial issues

I just completed your tutorial and I thought that is was very good. It was a little on the long side but that just proves how much amazingness is in Scivener.

I did find a few issues and did not find any topics already with these problems though I could just have completely missed them.

The Horizontal and the Vertical split screen button labels are backwards. When I move my cursor over them, the vertical one says horizontal and the horizontal one says vertical.

In Step 9, it says click on the show label pin. It should say show label indicator as there is no show label pin in the menu. Also in step 9, when I clicked on the show label indicator, nothing happened. I think that you should make it so it automatically shows the label pin. I had to go on to the next step to figure out how to make the labels show. It was automatically on no label when I right clicked the cards.

In Step 15, I did not see any difference between the first two pdf files that I was asked to make. I double and triple checked it but the second one, the one exported in novel standard manuscript format looked exactly the same as the custom pdf file.

In Step 17, I could not fine the footnote and annotations on the format menu. Also the text in the tutorial for each of those looked exactly the same as all the text around it.

Well I hoped this help. I look forward to seeing you all progress more and more in this. If you are confused at all let me know and I am sorry if these are duplicate posts and you already know about them.