Tutorial issues

Listed below are some minor issues I found while working thru the tutorial for Scrivener for Windows beta version 0.0.29. In the following comments, Pn/Sm refers to Tutorial Part n, Step m –- e.g. P1/S2 refers to Tutorial Part 1, Step 2.

  1. Scrivener doesn’t remember where you were on the page when switching between docs. For example, in P1/S1 it says to click on “Alhambra” then click on “Step 1: Beginning”; this works, but the text window is scrolled back to the top of the text instead of remembering where it was (reading the word “Alhambra”) near the bottom of the text.

  2. P1/S2: Text says the following:

While we’re here, note that the selection highlight in the binder does not necessarily follow what is being displayed in the main editor—if you change the contents of the editor using the navigation arrows, for instance, the selection in the binder will not change. You can thus navigate around using the header view without losing track of the original document on which you were working in the binder.

However, the highlighted selection only remains the same when the history arrows (the black arrows on the left) are tapped; if the white arrows are tapped, the highlighted selection changes. Either this is a bug, or “navigation arrows” really should have said “history navigation arrows.”

  1. P1/S3: View > Reveal in Binder (Ctrl+Shift+8) doesn’t work. If Binder is clicked on in empty area so that nothing is highlighted and then Ctrl+Shift+8 is entered, nothing is highlighted. Similarly, if the history arrow is clicked to go back a page, this also doesn’t work to show the current (i.e. original) document.

  2. P1/S3: Scriptwriting mode does nothing – no pop-up menu.

  3. P1/S4: Last instructions in this tutorial step say:

…move the cursor to the bottom of the screen and click on the “Go To” icon so that the menu appears. Then, choose Draft > Part 1: Basics > Step 5: The Inspector.

This works fine – the P1/S5 page is displayed. The first sentence in P1/S5 then says

You can leave full screen mode now by hitting the Escape key on your keyboard.

However, when this is done, Scrivener returns to the P1/S4 page; it should probably stay on the P1/S5 page.

  1. P1/S5e: Part way down, the tutorial says,

A quick way of searching for documents that have been assigned particular keywords is to select the keywords you want to search for in the Project Keywords dialog and then click on the “Search” button at the bottom.

If you try this, the Binder shows the folders that match the search criteria, but it’s not at all obvious how to go back to showing all of the folders in the Binder. I finally figured out that by right-clicking on one of the Search items and then selecting “Reveal in Binder” that I could get back to the full Binder view, but the tutorial should explicitly state how to do this.

  1. P2/S11: The tutorial says the following:

We already did (1) in Step 7, so let’s try viewing arbitrary documents this time. Once you’ve finished reading this paragraph, click on “START HERE” at the top of the binder and then, holding down the Shift key, click on “Step 7: Changing Editor Views” and “Step 11: Scrivenings”, so that all three documents get selected.

Perhaps this works differently on the Mac, but in Windows you need to hold down the Ctrl key, not the Shift key, to select 3 documents that are not contiguous in the list of files.

It remembers the cursor position, not the scroll position. I’ve updated the text here to highlight that, by demonstrating how a text selection is saved when going from one document to another.

Already fixed that one.

Please file this as a separate bug; as I cannot reproduce what you are describing and my copy is acting the way the tutorial describes; the way it should be working. Thanks!

This looks like a bug as well. I get the same behaviour by the way, even if I use the menu command instead of the hotkey.

This is a known issue in the software; already on the list.

I already had this one fixed as well. :slight_smile: It now has a little crash-course in how to get out of a search result. By the way the best way is usually to click the ‘X’ in either the search toolbar or the bottom of the binder sidebar as that will restore the binder to how you left it, whereas Reveal can cause you to end up elsewhere, naturally.

Yup, already fixed that one as well. In fact they do work the same on both platforms—it was just a genuine mistake. Well, on a Mac you use Command instead of Control—but same diff.

Thanks for the notes!

Regarding your reply to the alleged Ctrl+Shift+8 error, I was getting the results I was getting by clicking an empty area in the Binder, but I went back and discovered that it does work if the cursor is in the editor document. Based on that and your own results my guess is that it works as intended, so there’s no need to file this as a separate bug.

Thanks for the detailed replies, and good luck hitting your deadline for the Windows release – as a s/w developer myself, I know how much fun(?) those last few days leading up to a release can be.