Tutorial lists web addresses, these should be links

The following section of the tutorial lists web addresses:
Hello, and welcome to Scrivener. I hope you find Scrivener a useful addition to the tools you use for writing. This tutorial is designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible by introducing you to Scrivener’s main features. For further help and a more comprehensive description of all of Scrivener’s features, please refer to the manual, which is available from the Help menu. You can also find video tutorials showing how to use various features of Scrivener here:

literatureandlatte.com/video … ls_Win.mov

Feel free to ask for further assistance—and to report any bugs or problems you find—on the forums:


The web addresses should be links that we can click on to take us to those pages.

Also, you tell us to “without further ado, click on “Step 1: Beginnings” in the list on the left to begin.” I have used enough software and tutorials to know that I needed to click on the plus icon by “Part 1:Basics” to allow me to follow those instructions. You may wish to include instructions for this, as you did in this sentence “click on “Alhambra” inside the “Research” folder (you may need to expand the Research folder by clicking on the plus-sign next to it first) and then return here (“Step 1: Beginnings”).” Found in “Step 1: Beginnings”

Thanks, Lunarclipper

One more thing I found: not everyone knows what “raison d’être” means. In “Step One: Beginnings”, the sentence “This is very much the raison d’être of Scrivener -” should include a translation in parenthesis for those of us who don’t speak French (at least I presume it is French). Don’t take it out, it adds style and class to the topic. Simply translate it so that we all know what is being said. :slight_smile:

Sorry, forgot to mention which version of Windows I am using. I am using Windows XP Professional (can’t remember how to find out the specifics, like which service pack, ect.) And this was in Scrivener Beta 1.5