Tutorial [NOTED]

When I go to help menu, then click on the “open tutorial” option, I get a “my computer” style view of folders. Then when I find tutorial.scriv (I had to find it myself) it warns me that I am about to save over the tutorial. Apparently a “save” dialog is popping up instead of an “open” dialog. I can still open the tutorial from the normal file->open scheme. No worries for me but of course I figured you’d want to know!

Where did you save the tutorial file originally? What should happen is: the second time you use that menu command it simply opens the .scriv file you already made—right back where you left off. It will continue to do this until the .scriv file is deleted.

That is how it is working for me if I put the tutorial project on the Desktop anyway, so I’m wondering if perhaps you are saving it to a place Scrivener isn’t looking for.

Another thing I just thought of—did you crash shortly after starting the tutorial? I haven’t tested that specific case, but maybe if you crash before closing it, it loses track of where the tutorial is located.

At any rate, just open the tutorial project normally with Cmd-O instead of going to the Help menu, for now.