Tutorial "Other Stuff" errors

I hope this is the right forum to get this information to the correct people. I just picked up the trial copy of Scrivener, and really like what I see. I’m going to use it for NaNoWriMo, but then plan to purchase it.

I read all the Tutorials, which were very helpful, but I found some proofreading errors (I do proofreading in my current job) in the “Other Stuff You Might Want to Know” portion. Since this looks like a great program, I want to help it look its best. :slight_smile: Here are the errors I believe should be corrected:

“Ctrl-S to save and continue one.” should be “Ctrl-S to save and continue on.”
“went with the last batNch” should be “went with the last batch
“between those as the big milestones” should be “between those and the big milestones”
“second you get an automatic” should have a comma after “second”
“third dut to how Scrivener” should have a comma after “third”
“save thing things you type” should have the first “thing” removed
“However you can easily get to them” should have a comma after “However”
“folder like Dropbox” should have commas around “like Dropbox” for clarity
“For the most part this all will happen” should have a comma after “most part”
“However in the case of projects” should have a comma after “However”
“should not under any circumstances be” should be “should not, under any circumstances, be”
“.scriv folder including the .scrivx” should have a comma before “including”

I hope that helps to clean up a very minor issue. Please use what you can, and ignore the rest.

I look forward to using this program a lot.

“third dut to how Scrivener” should be “third due to how Scrivener”

Thanks, almansur. That was my mistake. The original tutorial did not have that error. :slight_smile: