Tutorial problem

Hello - I have found Scrivener from the July Macworld review. I have downloaded the trial version, but am unable to open the tutorial. I get the “Tutorial not found. There was a problem opening the tutorial. If this problem persists, try re-installing Scrivener.”

Any suggestions? I looked in the "bug"forum, and saw someone had a similar problem, but they had downloaded it on an admin account and were trying to use it on a user account. I have downloaded it on an admin account and am trying to use it on a admin account.

I have a iMac 1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo, with OS 10.4.9.

Thanks for your help - sorry if this is a redundant question!

Do you have Scrivener in the main Applications folder? I’m not sure if that makes a difference, but that idea came to mind.

Hi, if you can’t resolve the problem, try downloading the new 1.1 beta from the Beta Testing forum (the beta is stable and fine to use - in fact, if you are just starting out, it’s probably best to use the beta; just be aware that the Help file is a little out of date and will be updated in the next couple of weeks, when the beta becomes the official 1.1 release). The beta offers to save the tutorial somewhere else if it cannot be opened for some reason, and then the re-saved tutorial will get opened (which gets around permissions problems, which is usually the cause of this issue).

Thanks and all the best,

Hi writergal,

A further thought on the subject.

It may be on your computer and just hiding. Do a Spotlight search for Tutorial.scriv. When you find it drop it onto the Scrivener Documents folder in Documents. If you don’t have one, just make a New Folder in Documents and call it Scrivener Documents. Then set Scrivener’s preferences to save all of your Scrivener documents to that folder.

It helps to have a special folder for Scrivener documents so that everything is in the one place. Easier backup and search, and quite easy to drop any .scriv documents there that wander off by themselves to other hidy holes on your computer.

Thanks for the suggestions! I do have Scrivener in the applications folder. I looked for the tutorial.scriv with Spotlight, but it was no where to be found. Obviously this is the problem. I have gone into documents and made a new Scrivener documents folder.

My next step, I guess, is to download the beta. But should I uninstall the other one first? If so, should I just drag it out of Applications into the trash? Is there any other “bits” in other spots in my computer that need to be deleted as well?

I’m pretty savvy with computers but not entirely, as you can probably tell from my questions.

Thanks so much for all the help so far - I’m looking forward to hopefully getting to try it out!


Actually, Spotlight will probably not find Tutorial.scriv at all because in the most recent versions it is included in the application itself, rather than being something you drag from the installation DMG, like in older versions. Lord Lightning must be thinking of this, because unless you’ve gone and poked around inside the Scrivener application itself, the Tutorial isn’t going anywhere. :slight_smile:

As for the beta, I recommend you get it. Delete the old version of Scrivener completely, as accidentally opening the new format project files in the old version will cause damage to them. Might as well be safe and just stick with the beta version (which is quite stable for everyday use). You don’t have to do anything fancy to remove the old version. Just dragging it to the trash is good enough.

Dragging it to the trash and then emptying the trash, to be precise… I seem to recall some people having trouble with their Scrivener documents being associated with the version of Scrivener in the trash instead of the one in their Applications folder!

I have successfully downloaded the beta and gone through the tutorial. I am now in the process of trying the program out, and I must say I am liking it. I can see that once I get the hang of it, it is going to be really useful. It seems to be just what I was looking for to start to get all my “stuff” organized and available as I write.

I am so glad to see this software that is made for the Mac. So many times we have to gather the crumbs from the Windows world - kudos to you, Keith, for all your hard work.