Tutorial Question

I am learning about custom meta data…

In the tutorial it says:

    If you click on the “General Meta-Data” header bar or the two arrows next to it…

My header bar does not show 2 arrows.

Can someone point out what I am missing?

Also, how do you place a screenshot in this box?


Haven’t got the tutorial open, but I only see one main arrow. Are you sure it isn’t referring to the dual arrows on the “modified” subsection?

To add a screenshot to a post…
(2) Then click CHOOSE FILE
(3) Navigate to your screenshot and select it, press CHOOSE
(4) When the file name appears in the box, click ADD THE FILE
(5) Put the cursor into the main part of the message window where you want the image to appear and then click PLACE INLINE
(6) You’ll see the code for the attachment in the message but not the image itself. This will appear on either PREVIEW or SUBMIT
(7) You can attach 3 images to one post.

Hi Briar…
What you have written is exactly why I was confused!

In tutorial it says exactly:
If you click on the “General Meta-Data” header bar or the two arrows next to it, a pop-up list will appear with the option of switching to “Custom Meta-Data”.

I even used the next set of directions and created some custom meta-data and still couldn’t get 2 arrows to show in “General Meta-Data” header bar. I see on my mac the same as your picture but the picture does not match what is stated in the tutorial. Where are these two arrows??

BTW thanks for help with image upload.

Happy to help with the image upload.

I am on Scrivener 2.4.1 for Mac. I just opened the tutorial and I can’t find the wording you quoted when I search in the binder. Curious.

But for custom meta-data settings, there is a gear wheel icon that points to Edit Custom Meta-Data Settings. Perhaps this is what is meant? Maybe the icon has changed with different versions of the software…maybe one of the mods or developers can help if their read this thread.

[attachment=0]Custom Meta.png[/attachment]

The wording from the tutorial I have reads as follows:

Did you start the tutorial a while ago? If so, the interface may have changed with an update, which would explain the discrepancy. Take note of your place in the binder, close and trash your tutorial project, and create a fresh one; maybe you’ll find that it has wording that better describes the custom metadata pane.

that did it.

ancient tutorial.