tutorial re compile formatting

Love the vastly improved tutorial !!!.. but when going through the practice on the expanded compile dialog box, it won’t let me scroll through the tutorial (Step 16: Compiling the Draft) as I’m trying it out. Need to have both windows be active. Cheers anyway!

Thanks, glad you like it! What do you mean by not being able to scroll, and needing both windows to be active, which windows?

This is just a limitation of the panels, I’m afraid. Try resizing your Scrivener window first so that you can have all the instructions visible and then open Compile and drag the panel to the side so that you can still view the text in the editor while working in the Compile sheet.

Ah, got it. Yeah the panel has to lock you out of the project since it uses information from the state of the project when you open it, such as the list of files in the Contents window. If you went and changed things in the project after opening compile, it could get all out of sync.