Tutorial section 9 disappeared

I was working my way through the Tutorial and suddenly the entire contents of “Step 9: Corkboard” disappeared. The header is still there, but the contents are gone and apparently unrecoverable.

I tried uninstalling Scrivener and reinstalling it – with the new executable as well – but Step 9 is still AWOL.

Also, the Tutorial describes how to adjust/suppress various columns in the Outliner, and tells the user to go to View>Outliner Columns. However, I couldn’t find that option in the View menu.

I’m new to Scrivener and LOVE what I’m seeing–I can’t wait to get writing with it.

Since the project is a set of files on your hard drive, if material is deleted from those files, uninstalling and re-installing the application is going to do nothing to change those files. To regenerate a copy of the tutorial project, delete the tutorial from your computer, and then spawn another copy using the Help menu. :slight_smile:

That line should have been coloured orange. You can however adjust columns in the outliner header itself, for now.