Tutorial / Section Types

In the tutorial’s Section Types document, I think there is an error:

1.	Leave “All folders” as it is for now (so that the “Section Type” is set to “Part”).
2.	Change the section type for “All file groups” to “Section”. (A file group is a text document containing other text documents.)
3.	Change the section type for “All files” to “Section”.
4.	Click “OK”.

Did you mean to have both “All file groups” and “All files” changed to “Section” or only “All files”?

Yes, this is a deliberate setting. Both file groups (“The Inspector” and “Main Interface”, to provide two examples) and regular end node file items (like “Bookmarks” and “The Binder”) are to be treated as sections. If you wanted to treat these differently in compile, you could, that flexibility is there, but this is demonstrating how you can use structure in your binder in a way that doesn’t really impact the output. No matter how much nesting you do, all of these non-folder elements will be simple sections.