Tutorial "Step 11:Scrivenings" needs edit for clarifacation

(Beta 1.55 on Windows XP)
In the following segment you say there are two ways of entering Scrivenings mode. The confusion comes in because there are three numbers, probably auto generated by some sort of autocorrect type feature thinking you were starting another item in the numbered list. The ‘3.’ needs to be removed

"There are two ways of entering Scrivenings mode:

1.You can select a folder or container in the binder that has text subdocuments, and use Scrivenings to view all of the documents inside the folder (and including the folder, if it has text) as though they were one long document.
2. You can select arbitrary documents in the binder and view them as though they were a single document.
We already did (1) in Step 7, so let’s try viewing arbitrary documents this time. Once you’ve finished reading this paragraph, click on “START HERE” at the top of the binder and then, holding down the Ctrl key, click on “Step 7: Changing Editor Views” and “Step 11: Scrivenings”, so that all three documents get selected. Once that’s done, ensure that the stack of papers is selected in the “Group Mode” control in the toolbar, and then scroll down towards the bottom of the text that gets loaded into in this editor and look for the pink highlighting below—do that now."

Also, in the paragraph starting with ‘1.’, the following “. . .inside the folder (and including the folder, if. . .” should have ‘and’ removed from it so that it reads “. . .inside the folder (including the folder, if. . .”

Thanks, Lunarclipper