Tutorial steps missing

I just purchased Scrivener and pulled up the tutorial for the first time today. I read the beginning page, which then tells you to go to part 1, step 1 to start. I do not have steps 1 or 2 showing under part one. I checked the trash just in case, but did not find them there. How do I get them?

Hi, Brehage, and welcome to the forum!

Maybe you inadvertently disabled the binder from your view? The binder is the first pane on the left. Your tutorial project screen should lok similar to the screenshot below. If it does not, try clicking the Binder button on the tool-bar (right under the File menu).

Hope this helps!

The binder is showing just as in he screen print above, but part 1 simply starts with step 3. I looked at the notecards but that only started with step 3 as well.

In that case, and just to be safe, I’d suggest you to delete you current tutorial and create a new one. That will discard any wrong move made by playing around the first time.

To delete the tutorial, close Scrivener and just delete the Tutorial.scriv folder within Windows Explorer.

I have the same problem. Part 4 is missing from my tutorial and I just recently downloaded this. Please help :slight_smile:

Have you tried deleting the tutorial project and creating a new one? Whether the problem is that it was accidentally deleted when working in the project or that it didn’t copy correctly when it was created for some reason, that should fix it.

I cannot seem to get rid of the original tutorial. I went through it a few months ago and wanted to do it again. I delete (shut down Scrivener, go to Windows Explorer in Win 7) tutorial.sriv, but it is still bringing up the old tutorial. I copied it to a flash disk, in case something went wrong and then deleted it. I emptied Win 7 recycle bin, but it keeps starting with the old, used, tutorial.

What could I be doing wrong?


Never mind, I figured out what I was doing incorrectly. I was looking in the Program Files folder for the old tutorial, it was actually elsewhere, in my documents folder. I put the clean one back and all is well.

Sorry for bothering anyone.