Tutorial text has dissapeared.

Hello there,
I downloaded the Scrivener trial for windows and worked halway through the tutorial. Hoping to finish the tutorial today I started the program but now all the text has dissapeared. All the step cards are there, headed and numbered, but there is no text in them. Do I have to re-download? Any ideas please.

Try clicking in the binder on a text item. It’ll have an icon that looks like a sheet of paper with writing on it.

Re-downloading the program won’t do any good, since the tutorial is just a scrivener project that is copied from within the program’s built-in templates. If you find that the project got corrupted (maybe the docs folder inside it was accidentally deleted?), you can just trash the whole project, and then go to Help->Interactive Tutorial or if you have the template chooser open, then just choose Interactive Tutorial from the Getting Started section, and you’ll get a fresh copy. Just pick up from where you left off and everything should be fine.