Tutorial: two versions?

I installed Scrivener on a trial basis on my netbook, which runs Windows 10. I’ve now purchased it and installed it also on my desktop, which is older and runs Vista.

I’m slowly working through the tutorial. On the desktop, I discovered the Quickstart option, which suits me better. However if I’m out and about and access the tutorial on the netbook, the Quickstart option is not visible.

is there a way round this?


Um… can you copy the tutorial on your desktop to the notebook?

Hello Michael,
By quickstart do you mean the ability to go straight to the last project opened? If so, you may wish to take a look at Tools/ Options/ General and tick or untick the two top boxes. Here you can begin with the start panel, so you can select which project to work on. Alternatively, you can tick the start with the last project open option. This will take you straight back to the tutorial if that was your last open project.

If you mean the “Quick Start” tab in the tutorial, that is a newer edition, and might mean you created the tutorial on this computer before the latest update. Simply remove the tutorial project from your disk and then Scrivener will ask for a new location to save a fresh copy. If you keep getting an older version of the tutorial without the quick start, the software might need to be reinstalled. I’ve heard of cases where the master tutorial wasn’t updated for whatever reason.

Thanks, all! It’s great to know that posting a query here can get these practical responses and possible solutions.

AmberV, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. It was indeed the QuickStart tab in the tutorial that I was`referring to, so I think what you say must be the answer. So I’ll try removing the tutorial project.


AmberV, I can’t find a way to remove the tutorial project, so I shall reinstall the software.

A fellow-author who’s an expert Scrivener user tells me that he has`upgraded the software several times and never lost any files, so that must be the way to go.

Thanks again for your help.


PS. I note that you are based in beautiful Oregon. I’m envious.

Since the tutorial is an ordinary project saved to your disk like all other projects, reinstalling (that was mentioned as a step if Scrivener keeps producing an older version of the tutorial after you’ve wiped the current one—the software has its own master copy of the tutorial that it uses to create the copy you work with) will do nothing to update the tutorial for the same reason that reinstalling wouldn’t wipe out every novel you’ve written (that’s generally the case for all software, intentionally simplified stuff like iPhones aside).

It’s an especially lovely 30°C today, too! 8)

AmberV, thank you for all your help here.

I did think of uninstalling and reinstalling Scrivener; but, from what you’ve said here (and earlier), that wouldn’t solve my little problem with the tutorial.

However, you mentioned: " if Scrivener keeps producing an older version of the tutorial after you’ve wiped the current one …"

Is it possible to wipe the tutorial without uninstalling Scrivener? If so, how do I do that?

Kind regards


PS. 30 deg? Wow! I used to think that here in the West of England we had a climate similar to that in the Pacific North West. I have brother who lives in Vancouver Island and my oldest friend lives in the interior of BC, so I get across fairly regularly. However, it’s not similar right now: 13 deg at 10 am here!

AmberV, thanks for your help so far but no need to reply further.

I’ve decided to bite the bullet and import my current book project into Scrivener now, something I should have done before. So I’ll be learning by doing, hopefully.

Kind regards


Did you manage to find the tutorial and create a fresh copy?

Yes, for the same reason that uninstalling Scrivener wouldn’t damage or remove the tutorial. Again you can think of this as being like the relationship between MS Word and a .docx file, or a .jpg file and Paint. The file (tutorial project) has nothing to do with the software, the software has nothing to do with the file. Uninstall Word and your .docx file just stops loading in Word and loads in something else (or nothing if you have nothing left that can open them).

Oh and by the way, this has been an unusual April, it is typically much more along the lines of 10 – 15°! We have El Niño to consider this year. :slight_smile: