Tutorial Update: Snapshots

The following, in blue, should be added to the in-program Tutorial regarding taking Snapshots:

"Click on the “Snapshots” button (the one with the picture of a camera on it) in the inspector footer bar to see what I mean (you can also switch directly to the Snapshots pane and have the inspector open if necessary by going to Documents > Snapshots > Show Snapshots). Then click the “+” at the top of the Inspector pane.

This applies to the Windows version, but don’t know about the Mac.

The instructions to take a snapshot were provided in the prior paragraph, this set of instructions is all about finding where they are listed and how to use that list. At this point of the tutorial, there should be two snapshots already by the time you reach that stage, the old 2006 snapshot and the one that was taken from before:

Surely that would be Ctrl-5 on Windows, yes? :slight_smile:

Control, Command, just different names for the same button, by and large. :mrgreen: Yes, Ctrl-5 is the ticket, or the plus button, whatever suits you.